Dangerous Goods Competency Base Training and Assessment (CBTA)

7.3 Function: Personnel Responsible for Processing or Accepting Dangerous Goods Consignments

5 Days Classroom

(Class conduct in Thai Language. Furter requirement for English version class, please let us know.)

Personnel responsible for processing or accepting dangerous goods consignments must be competent to perform tasks aimed at verifying and validating that the dangerous goods being offered for transport comply with the applicable provisions of the regulations and are in a suitable condition for air transport. They may work for freight forwarders, ground handling agents or operators. Personnel would need to have relevant knowledge to competently perform these tasks.

This 7.3 Function certificates are required for Freight Forwarders to submit IATA member (Refer to Cargo Agents Handbook Resolution 801 - Worldwide Edition 45 page xv)


  • Freight forwarders staff
  • Airlines staff
  • Air Freight personnel with processing or accepting DGR
  • Logistics people

Course Content

  • Scope and applicability / Limitation of dangerous goods
  • Definitions, Roles and Responsibilities / Requirements / Dangerous goods security
  • Emergency Procedures / Classification
  • Dangerous goods list / limited quantities / Packing Instructions
  • Packing Marking and Labeling / Documentations
  • Requirements for packaging, construction, testing and approval / Acceptance Procedures
  • Radioactive material

Training Fee (Subject to Vat 7%)

Member-TAFA&ACBA 13,500 THB/person

Non Member-TAFA&ACBA 16,500 THB/person

Terms & Conditions:

  • Please fill the form for course registration. TAFA will confirm the registration on first come first serve basis.
  • Pass Requirement : 80% Test Score and Full Time Attendance

Cancellation fee will apply for

  • The cancellation 15 days before course- No cancellation fee
  • The cancellation less than 15 days 50% of the training fee will be charged for cancellation fee
  • The cancellation less than 7 days nonrefundable training fee


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